Mirage or Marriage


Happily ever after
Is it only in fairytales?
Or a mirage
That engulfs numerous girls
Into marriages with a different face
A truth that stays buried,
Each day bedizening them
With a  new scar.
But ‛Stop’,I say.
Don’t crouch in a corner
And veil yourself with fear
Covering the dark scars with
Bbs and mineral powders,
Let them be a powerful reminder,
To help you battle the inevitable,
Your marriage might consume you,
In the Fire where once you swore promises.
But see you’ve become that rock in the river,
Brave Goddesses Durga and Kali,
Don’t you remember?
So just don’t think of giving up,
Rather wear that avatar of a fearless warrior,
And rise up once again,
Like the fierce Phoenix,
Newly born from its ashes.


Very recently I heard this news- a woman burnt to death by her husband and her father-in-law. She couldn’t survive the inhuman tortures. May her soul rest in peace.

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9 thoughts on “Mirage or Marriage”

  1. These days emotions and thoughts and feelings are so messed up… and once messed it is hard to come out because the person cant realise nor are to talking to others ..and then even when people talk to others , other dont have the courage to say the right thing to the person. It is a rather messed up world and this is an extreme of that. Generally its a mild messed up. And then there is sheer blindness.. ..but it is not all doom..

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