Wild Women


Wild wild women.
We are so different
How can we be you,
Or you be us?
Our walk,our talk,
The way we work
Oh! all so different
How can we be you
Or you be us?.
Our body
Every month that  silent pain,
Quietly befriends us
Does it match yours?
How can it?
The vital essence
Of change we carry
The varied roles we play
From home
to the outside space.
Wild wild women are we
We clothe ,we dress
sometimes curtain ourselves
But No their eyes can never
Get curtained.
So when we wear that makeups
Or a sleeveless dress
They think it to be
An attraction for a male gaze
She is not that silly
Her world-beyond that gaze
Is perhaps an inner happiness.
This is how we differ.
So how can we be you or you be us?
From a dirty water emerges
A lotus.
Will she not let you see her?
Yes and that is Nature and
With her we stand
Wild beautiful women,
Free from the cages
That once mutilated
her wings, her dreams and so on
We choose to remain different.
Yes we were born different
Not from the ribs of Adam
But from this fertile Nature
With a womb,a gift-sacred and fruitful.
So how can we ever be you,
Or you be us?
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