Mental. Health

If and only if we could express more, talk, not just chat.. wish we could show some unhappy faces, not just preety smiles and have a collection of angry portraits. Suddenly your feed is gathered up with posts of mental health. People are being so much attentive towards it. Perhaps there are only a fewContinue reading “Mental. Health”

The lantern

My fingers tasted the kerosene The smell dripped inside the head, my mouth, Silent as the evening sound knocked my ears Whispers, voices, noises, From houses and forests Grandma’s wrinkles smiles Her every breath, Slowly vaporizes the glass A piece of cloth, my little hands to wipe, The evening pushed the sun beneath the horizonContinue reading “The lantern”


​I wear a bra that delights their sight and troubles me more A bra that tortures and imprison my chest A bra necessary to provide a shape. I wear a bra that focuses my feminity ,my cleavage A bra that locks the first layer of a female skin A bra that channelises a mother’s loveContinue reading “Bra”


​A hot cup of Darjeeling tea in my hand Grandpa’s unending ancient stories, It’s our forever company Grandma’s moral proverbs – immortal Her sagacious hand, anointing us Baba’s jokes, humorous, filled with laughter Ama’s scolding vaporising in the air Kaka’s slow and gentle talk is healing Kaki’s sweet songs echoing everywhere Sisters narrating and exchangingContinue reading “Family”

The Uninvited Guests

source: google/Pinterest Where on earth am I safe? Where? Those eyes staring at me constantly as if I am walking naked. I think their mind has become a dress scanner. Such is their looks. Girls its high time we visit a smithy and construct an Iron Woman outfit or Is this the reason why manyContinue reading “The Uninvited Guests”