Being born with a Blank mind,

The mind so fresh and new,

New was I to the world,

The very world where I grew.

Where was I before?

My memory all erased?

A new life within my mother,

In her womb I existed.

Before a Blank page,

Now a volume of novel,

Memories written so innumerable,

Not all of them do I remember.

My mind before a Blank blackboard.

Have consumed and chewed chalks,

The best I tasted,the rest I  rubbed

But the dust in the air,

I breathed and coughed.

The mind no longer crystal clear,

The rhythm of life making it heavier,

The same sweet sad songs,

Its music becomes the Lamp I hear.

And now do I see the blank space above,

The space is but a grand universe.


Published by Timeandreflections

I am a student, a girl in her twenties, writing for herself. A mind burdened with thoughts is lightened with words. Some people speak out while others write and I belong to the second category. I write reflecting upon the time past or present. The continuous time which sometimes make us forget our age. writing while reflecting is the best thing that people in love with words can do and I wish to write about the time and reflections as perceived by me - the time and the world around me and its reflections through my eyes. Instagram @pr_timeandreflections

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