My dream friend


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Dreams, Dreams, Dreams
I was there to chase you,
Every night ,while I closed my eyes
I wished to see the best dreams,
Gifting me with magical smiles.
Sweet Darkness more sweet,
When dreams delighted me,
The open window ,the starry night
Folklores and Fairy tales fascinating,
Happy children happy to relive in dreams.

Every passing day and year,
Dreams are so close and near.
A friend in dark hours you have always been,
Thousand sleepless days and night,
Thousand enemies hard to fight,
Thousand hours wishing to hold you back,
A Healthy and a sound sleep was my need;
Ready to take off; You boarded a flight,
Leaving a friend in dark?

I took the pain, to chase you again;
And  I realised, I was wrong to blame you
For it was me, nursing doubts and fear,
Instead of flying with you.
You are not a thing to be chased and caught,
A constant companion, in an eternal sleep.
A true friend  you are and have always been
Now its days and nights you acompany,
For now I am a dreamer,dreaming new dreams, Each day and forever.
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Published by Timeandreflections

I am a student, a girl in her twenties, writing for herself. A mind burdened with thoughts is lightened with words. Some people speak out while others write and I belong to the second category. I write reflecting upon the time past or present. The continuous time which sometimes make us forget our age. writing while reflecting is the best thing that people in love with words can do and I wish to write about the time and reflections as perceived by me - the time and the world around me and its reflections through my eyes. Instagram @pr_timeandreflections

5 thoughts on “My dream friend

  1. I liked this immediately when i read it on my smart phone, wanted to comment but my smart phone is not being overly smart these days. I think this is utterly stunning poem, so beautifully written, really just melts you away. Applause – encore, truly enjoyable both times

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    1. Thank you so much. Your words inspired me to write more. This is all a product of my personal experiences. Time and reflections, I would say. Thank you once again for appreciating my first ever poem.

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