Old shoe on an old river.

Whenever I am home I never fail to visit this small spring just behind my house. It holds a special position in my heart because I grew up with stories latched to this place. It’s very choko or pure is what our grandparents say and this place had served as a source of water forContinue reading “Old shoe on an old river.”

The Lost Generation

( pic source: google)   I was studying in class five or six, I guess. Vaguely do I remember the exact year when I first saw her. We used to look at her with a steady gaze of wonder and curiosity. Of course we laughed seeing her and then we would say ,”bichara ka bataContinue reading “The Lost Generation”

Superstition – the fear underneath

– Puja Rai In a world where we brand ourselves as the modern people, where the gifts of science and technology lightens our daily work, still do we carry the very old and heavy load of Superstitions from the past.The hereditary chain of superstition never ceases to end and it is superb in its performanceContinue reading “Superstition – the fear underneath”

Hailstorm Hit ” The Hills”

– Puja Rai                    White crystals on the road It was 31st March 2016, me and my friends marched our way back home after our usual classes. No sooner had we stepped inside our cosy rooms, the sky just poured down its heavenly droplets for its beloved earth to take shower. Ah! The smell ofContinue reading “Hailstorm Hit ” The Hills””