The Zenith of our Civilisation – A Reflection

Puja Rai

The light of innocence

Our earth is a small part of the magnificent universe and we as living species occupy a very tiny space in this beautiful blue planet. Mutability and Mortality have been a part of it and evolution and destruction have always been in a constant process. We are but a very significant part of this Great Globe since humans have passed the primitive as well as the medieval ages and are now in a modern age. Not a single species has reached the place where we are today and it is all because of our intellectual capability.
We are in an age of machine and technology where Nature has always acted like a Mother and thus our faith in the Divine, our morals, ethics and principles have hardly perished in our way of progress. For years and years we have referred Nature as our mother. How respectful are we to personify her as a Mother. In this very word
, Divinity is attached and we are very familiar with goddess  figures be it goddess Durga, Saraswati, Parvati, or mother Mary. Yet the world where we are today questions women’s safety.
(Source: Google) Daughters of Darjeeling

In such a civilised cultivated world women are so unsafe that we hear ony day or the other of a woman being assaulted, molested and raped. Are we the womanfolk the reason behind such an evil and cruel deeds? Or are those “evil minds” the reason for such gruesome incidents ? These are the questions generally put forth or the topic of debates in various places and media.

In spite of women being given a goddess figure why are we turned into a mere commodity and victimised in various parts of the world? Are we really the civilised people of this modern era? Do we live in a Blessed age or a Cursed one where filthy mind goes for another such crime and craves for more.
Who are to blamed for such a heinous act? And in our small hilly areas as well where girls’ safety was ensured, here to the spark of such an evil act has already ignited. When will such a thing come to an end?

Innocent and beautiful Gurkha daughter

Where people are proud to be the citizens of a civilised world, there is a better reason for us to be ashamed as thousands of minds are getting distorted in a peculiar way. It is up to us to bring a change by bringing a change within us. Thus , we can only pray that such atrocious may be richly blessed by the eternal power to set the world free from such a heinous catastrophes.
(Pic source: Google) The Mahakal Mandir in Darjeeling
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