Quarantine Chapters

I think it’s only the earth/nature that accepts you without your race and your colour. And even opens the door for every body to bloom after death.So this is the first grown cucumber, papa planted during this #Quarantinedays. And here’s the fruit. That’s the bamboo shoots we received, early morning and a few chillies, collectedContinue reading “Quarantine Chapters”

The Uninvited Guests

source: google/Pinterest Where on earth am I safe? Where? Those eyes staring at me constantly as if I am walking naked. I think their mind has become a dress scanner. Such is their looks. Girls its high time we visit a smithy and construct an Iron Woman outfit or Is this the reason why manyContinue reading “The Uninvited Guests”

How I Became a Tree – Sumana Roy

I am quoting my words from my poem Azaleas posted a week before in my blog. “I still have that old photograph Me and my mother beside That new mother happily bursting with pink azaleas It was last winter,  Grandpa had to cut it short  I still remember that expression Of discomfort and regret “Don’tContinue reading “How I Became a Tree – Sumana Roy”

Happy World Earth Day

Thankful to my grandparents and his generation who planted these trees. Keeping the tradition alive wishing everyone a very happy World Earth Day. Below writing 👇👇👇Via http://www.indiacelebrating.com/events/world-earth-day/  “World Earth Day is celebrated every year as an annual event by the people all across the world on 22nd of April in order to increase the awareness amongContinue reading “Happy World Earth Day”

DEAR LIFE (never let yourself go)

The bundled pain might prick you So very bitter and unhealthy For your heart or for your body. They might ache more than The fresh burns you just had You might apply a band-aid But that proper medicine Is an undiscovered priority. Your closed bedroom,the locked heart Is all  rusted with Heaps of untold secrets…Continue reading “DEAR LIFE (never let yourself go)”