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They drink water and carefully chew earth 

Soaking in that rich photons

They are sun-tanned

Yet they grow no dark

But beautifully do they age

And withers without a tinge of fear

Blossoming every spring

They are Azaleas so stunning

White, purple,

Sometimes amalgamtion of different colours Sometimes her scarlet blush

Attracting not only human eyes 

But winged angels from far and wide.

I still have that old photograph

Me and my mother beside

That new mother happily

bursting with pink azaleas
It was last winter, 

Grandpa had to cut it short 

I still remember that expression

Of discomfort and regret

“Don’t be disheartened baba

They will grow again”, I said.

But his reply gave me a shock

,“They knew I would cut them.

 It gives me much pain to inflict the same upon the plant I planted and nursed.”

“But they will grow next year”, he consoled himself.

Weeks haven’t past

My mom sick and in pain,

Tortured me more…

Yes, there is a strong connection

Between a mother and her child

It was then I realised

My grandpa though a Father figure

Had already become a Mother 

To the plant life he was giving birth

With every passing year,

Trees,plants,orchids and so on…



The Silence

The butterfly or the orchid tree. Local name-Koirala

From a deep sleep I awoke,
My room all perfumed,
The fresh fragrance,
The sweet serenity,
The faint whispers of the pegions
The quiet rehearsal of the songs
In some unknown regions.
The tranquil wind,
Her dance unseen and unheard;
Soft leaves applauding,
The world slept undisturbed.

Hundreds spurs beyond,
The silver-grey horizon,
Starting to blush,
Her scarlet face bursting,
Resplendent redness replacing the silver lines.
Beauty peeling off her melancholy cloak.
Clad in the golden armour,
in a golden chariot,
The heroic entrance of her lover.
Slowly removing her silver veil,
He kissed her and
The Heaven glowed as their colors mixed,
Sparks of red,orange,yellow and vibrant,
The earth was being crowned.
Their light shimmered and slowly spread.

I could now see the source,
From where the fragrance came,
There she stood tall,
a spectacular figure on earth,
Dressed in a Purple gown.
The green fairies decorated her hair,
O! The ‘orchid tree’,stood before me.
Pregnant she was carrying,
Thousand purple daughters ,still in buds,
Waiting to flower like her.
A mother to many I asked her name,
‘Koirala’ ,said she, suddenly a brown thing fell,
A withered leaf mimicking a butterfly!
The mirror gazing at me, I saw myself
A closer look ,my silver hair!
The silence now faded in the air,
Only a loud silence in my mind prevail.