Silence and Mind

And then there is a life so silent as our nights. A calmness that can be felt only at night, a peace to harness for the next day. But sometimes the night, an important part to survive via sleep and dreams becomes heavy. In a clinical term, referred as insomnia…we become lost in the darkContinue reading “Silence and Mind”


They drink water and carefully chew earth  Soaking in that rich photons They are sun-tanned Yet they grow no dark But beautifully do they age And withers without a tinge of fear Blossoming every spring They are Azaleas so stunning White, purple, Sometimes amalgamtion of different colours Sometimes her scarlet blush Attracting not only humanContinue reading “Azaleas…”

The Silence

From a deep sleep I awoke, My room all perfumed, The fresh fragrance, The sweet serenity, The faint whispers of the pegions The quiet rehearsal of the songs In some unknown regions. The tranquil wind, Her dance unseen and unheard; Soft leaves applauding, The world slept undisturbed. Hundreds spurs beyond, The silver-grey horizon, Starting toContinue reading “The Silence”