Old shoe on an old river.

Whenever I am home I never fail to visit this small spring just behind my house. It holds a special position in my heart because I grew up with stories latched to this place. It’s very choko or pure is what our grandparents say and this place had served as a source of water forContinue reading “Old shoe on an old river.”


(​Change is constant, change is progress, change is revolution, change is evolution….Change is children forgetting to play in the gardens or even playgrounds.Change is, a mother forgetting to worry how dirty and messed up her child would be after play….change is so vast that I can hardly trap and concise them into my words. StillContinue reading “Change”

How I Became a Tree – Sumana Roy

I am quoting my words from my poem Azaleas posted a week before in my blog. “I still have that old photograph Me and my mother beside That new mother happily bursting with pink azaleas It was last winter,  Grandpa had to cut it short  I still remember that expression Of discomfort and regret “Don’tContinue reading “How I Became a Tree – Sumana Roy”


They drink water and carefully chew earth  Soaking in that rich photons They are sun-tanned Yet they grow no dark But beautifully do they age And withers without a tinge of fear Blossoming every spring They are Azaleas so stunning White, purple, Sometimes amalgamtion of different colours Sometimes her scarlet blush Attracting not only humanContinue reading “Azaleas…”

Happy World Earth Day

Thankful to my grandparents and his generation who planted these trees. Keeping the tradition alive wishing everyone a very happy World Earth Day. Below writing 👇👇👇Via http://www.indiacelebrating.com/events/world-earth-day/  “World Earth Day is celebrated every year as an annual event by the people all across the world on 22nd of April in order to increase the awareness amongContinue reading “Happy World Earth Day”


I closed my eyes Viewed  montage of pictures in  motion I see,many of them have gone blur, few clear I choose one: that little golden lights attracted me so much. Now I am Travelling  back in time to that phase I call my heavenly childhood days. The air was so fresh Few smokes from theContinue reading “Junkeri”