Old shoe on an old river.

Whenever I am home I never fail to visit this small spring just behind my house. It holds a special position in my heart because I grew up with stories latched to this place. It’s very choko or pure is what our grandparents say and this place had served as a source of water forContinue reading “Old shoe on an old river.”

  I woke up and  Placed myself in front of the mirror That carefully detailed my features The face, the eyes, the nose, the lips and my hands My spotted skin, few scars and freckles My smile with teeth not visibly bright; few lost My natural  silver hair ,Few black dyed and artificial They sayContinue reading

DEAR LIFE (never let yourself go)

The bundled pain might prick you So very bitter and unhealthy For your heart or for your body. They might ache more than The fresh burns you just had You might apply a band-aid But that proper medicine Is an undiscovered priority. Your closed bedroom,the locked heart Is all  rusted with Heaps of untold secrets…Continue reading “DEAR LIFE (never let yourself go)”

The Sunshine Blog Award

Life brings so many meanders and spurs for you to cross and move beyond and that is life. It has been a week  since I got down from the vehicle of wordpress and drowned myself in a huge tsunami trying to escape. It passed and then left me along with my family in a calmContinue reading “The Sunshine Blog Award”