Old shoe on an old river.

Whenever I am home I never fail to visit this small spring just behind my house. It holds a special position in my heart because I grew up with stories latched to this place. It’s very choko or pure is what our grandparents say and this place had served as a source of water forContinue reading “Old shoe on an old river.”

My life in Pictures

Sometimes it’s boring and clicking pictures makes life so much fun So for me the best thing is Tea, without it I cannot live and imagine my life. Also I belong to a place filled with lushful green tea gardens of Darjeeling. The most important part or let’s just say hobby. This is simple hobby,Continue reading “My life in Pictures”


They drink water and carefully chew earth  Soaking in that rich photons They are sun-tanned Yet they grow no dark But beautifully do they age And withers without a tinge of fear Blossoming every spring They are Azaleas so stunning White, purple, Sometimes amalgamtion of different colours Sometimes her scarlet blush Attracting not only humanContinue reading “Azaleas…”

Darjeeling is all dazzling with Rhododendrons.

See who is blushing? The luminous beauty,magnificent She wears no artificiality,  Reflecting her true self All we can do is just gaze The marvellous sight like Fine paintings of red hearts Every year its the same time She is ever ready to meet her groom The unrivalled beauty She is forever an untouched bride. ©P.RContinue reading “Darjeeling is all dazzling with Rhododendrons.”