Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus – A Review

Let me start my review with Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Full name of the book is Frankenstein, the Modern Prometheus.The subtitle is indeed interesting and appropriate as the story unfolds.The book that Shelly wrote when she was just 19. The result of the competition that Lord Byron hosted, that was to write the best  ghost StoriesContinue reading “Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus – A Review”

My life in Pictures

Sometimes it’s boring and clicking pictures makes life so much fun So for me the best thing is Tea, without it I cannot live and imagine my life. Also I belong to a place filled with lushful green tea gardens of Darjeeling. The most important part or let’s just say hobby. This is simple hobby,Continue reading “My life in Pictures”

Fair whale I

It is impossible to tell how my journey or your journey was starting from the 1st January 2018. It was an incredible journey of love, happiness, loss and sorrow. And when someone asks you. How was your 2018? We end up saying, “It was good”. We hardly describe the tumultuous ride we had for 365Continue reading “Fair whale I”


(​Change is constant, change is progress, change is revolution, change is evolution….Change is children forgetting to play in the gardens or even playgrounds.Change is, a mother forgetting to worry how dirty and messed up her child would be after play….change is so vast that I can hardly trap and concise them into my words. StillContinue reading “Change”

How I Became a Tree – Sumana Roy

I am quoting my words from my poem Azaleas posted a week before in my blog. “I still have that old photograph Me and my mother beside That new mother happily bursting with pink azaleas It was last winter,  Grandpa had to cut it short  I still remember that expression Of discomfort and regret “Don’tContinue reading “How I Became a Tree – Sumana Roy”

The Lost Generation

( pic source: google)   I was studying in class five or six, I guess. Vaguely do I remember the exact year when I first saw her. We used to look at her with a steady gaze of wonder and curiosity. Of course we laughed seeing her and then we would say ,”bichara ka bataContinue reading “The Lost Generation”