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Be Aware

“Beware of Dogs”

No, I am not afraid of them

Nor with the barking dogs

In the street

I am afraid

More terrified

For the flowers

Blooming in every house

Flowers still inside that

Pristine bud

So today I throw out the board

Hanging outside my house 

Where it’s written

“Beware of Dogs”…

Instead I put another one

And I write with my blood

‛Beware, Beware’

Beware of the Mask they wear because

They do not say, “you are such a sweet  little girl when they Rape.”

They do not care about your age or your sweet innocent smile

Because they are a carnivore with a human dress

All they want is 

To feed upon your flesh

So I shout

 Beware, Beware 

Just be Aware

Less of animals

More of the humans

Walking by your way.

#JusticeforAsifa #justice

“I just want to end this write up with a short prayer. Dear God don’t put away your eyes from the little gems on the earth. Please, keep them under your safe shadow. May they always bloom safely in each home….”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/bestow/


I am

The clay in me

Is still soft

The air so easily

Or maybe

Gently whispers through it

I am still inside that grindle and pestle

small pebbles are on their way to be fine…

The water

The air

The sunshine

The morning breeze

Or that morning dew

Has their big or small task to do

They still have a little more to give

To me and to the rest of humanity…

I am a plant

Still growing,

I am a species

Still breathing 

I am an animal

Still moving

I am a human,

still more to work

I am an unshaped pottery

I am an unshaped poetry

still in an artist’s hand,

Young and dwelling outside

 my mother’s womb

With the composition of colours

Still undefined.

I am,

I am…

Yes, I am

still an unborn art

I am yet to be born

The dawn is yet to come.


© pr_Timeandreflections

Took me half an hour, to compose this one. And this becomes one of my favourite. I don’t know why but I just loved my own poem. Please comment and share your thoughts. Thank you for reading my works.

💓 Timeandreflections.



Pic source : Pintrest (art by @ottokim)

(​Change is constant, change is progress, change is revolution, change is evolution….Change is children forgetting to play in the gardens or even playgrounds.Change is, a mother forgetting to worry how dirty and messed up her child would be after play….change is so vast that I can hardly trap and concise them into my words. Still I have tried putting up a small vision of change through this short piece. Please read, enjoy and taste my writing. )
Tabs, Ps5 or 4, I hardly know…

Mobiles and Android I am well aware

 with play store

And the range of apps, I can select, de-select,

With WiFi or Jio, it’s a lot easier

And play with my eyes stuck forever.

Gone are the days of the past

I am done with hurting my limbs or my arms

I can play and play for hours

Without running or getting tired

Immense pleasure is what I get

With my body, at full rest

My brain is working, I am well aware,

Continuing the flow of the game

O! Genius I have well played 

Crossed so many levels.

To reach a point I so long desired


Sore eyes, vision blurred, 

a few eye-drops

Round, square, minus or plus powered spectacles, 

nice and trendy they go with my every clothes…..

Lights Off, 

Again do I play with my eyes stuck…

With only my two fingers


Candy Crush,

Clash of clans 

or Subway surfers…….



writings on the wall



A warm hug 🙆and Namastey🙏 to all my WordPress family( the blogs I follow,the blogs who follows me and the future blogs I will be following and vice-versa). Lately I haven’t been able to paint the WordPress wall with my words because of my busy schedule( college, classes and my Ama being quite unwell) . But still I have managed to write  quite a few lines before bed or while travelling by bus. So these are the pictures of my work.👇👇👇👇 Happy writing and reading.💗💗💗💗💗💗


Thank you for visiting by blog an giving a minute or two reading my simple writings😇I hope it was worth reading/ worth taking your time. Hope you all enjoyed. Check out my other posts -articles/poems. Wish you all a very happy today / tomorrow. Keep praying and do not let your smile die.

With  infinite 💗💞


P.R_ timeandreflections

The GrandYouth

Old picture,my young Granny.

I often take selfies with her. I click her pictures too. I record the conversations I have with her. I listen them and it makes me laugh. Sometimes it often makes me cry. I look deeply into her eyes and then “ I Rise Up In Love ” with her again and again.

She looks like me,her chinky eyes, tiny nose and when I go over her past photographs, she is far beautiful than me or my sisters and my aunts. Her  pure heart reflects in her face making her look so bright even now in her 80s. She is Padma, my lovely Grandma (Boju).She has marched ahead her youthful past: from being a little girl to a young woman, a mother to her eight children and now a grandma to all the present generation.

I remember my Grandpapa saying, how she looked beautiful. Those days didn’t have too many cosmetics as now, still she would apply a red lipstick which is still her favourite and a red bindi on her forehead. She isn’t literate but eighty years of experience did make her educated. The lead figure in our family,she has every solution to small and big problems. The first doctor of our family, before we visit a real doctor because she carefully recognises local plants and herbs and is always ready with the remedy. In short, she is the Hero, a superhero indeed.

She is no longer young but the youthful vibrance still vibrates the whole house.  She has taught us things beyond books and arts.
  She has aged with time and space. When I hold her hand I feel her loose thin skin with her blue channel of nerves finely visible and she shows me the marks, “Look this is the mark of the wound after the saline was injected”. Then I ask her,“Did it hurt?”and she says,“Now it doesn’t”. Lately did I notice the new piercing in her ears because the old one drooped as her skin sagged. I made a good joke about it that made her laugh. I was small when I first encountered her being severely sick and it affected a little. But now it is different and difficult as well. As she grew old sickness embraced her. This is what happens as you attain maturity and lose your Youth.
When me or my sisters become lazy to work, Boju is there with her sharp proverbs. I wonder how she remembers them all. And her famous line as adopted by my father’s generation of course is “ when we were of your age, we could catch a flying bird,hmmmm”.
My grandma is now in her childish phase and when I show her the photographs, she says , “ am I looking good?” She asks us to look at her and says,“ Mo asti ko bhanda ghateko chu?” ( Have I become weaker than before?). And she becomes happy when we tell that she looks absolutely healthy. And her nose do smile when we tease her saying,” why are you so beautiful Boju?”

Never does my Grandma mention about her Wrinkles or lines in her face. Never does she feel unhappy about her ascending age that leaves a mark in her face one after the other, her bones slowly popping out which can be felt. And she is always there to kiss in our cheeks saying ,“ my granddaughters are so beautiful. Once show me a dance like Katrina which she pronounces Kathrna”. And making us dance her lips quivers as we shake our hips until we give her a support to show some of her movements. After all she is in her grand youth.

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Being born with a Blank mind,

The mind so fresh and new,

New was I to the world,

The very world where I grew.

Where was I before?

My memory all erased?

A new life within my mother,

In her womb I existed.

Before a Blank page,

Now a volume of novel,

Memories written so innumerable,

Not all of them do I remember.

My mind before a Blank blackboard.

Have consumed and chewed chalks,

The best I tasted,the rest I  rubbed

But the dust in the air,

I breathed and coughed.

The mind no longer crystal clear,

The rhythm of life making it heavier,

The same sweet sad songs,

Its music becomes the Lamp I hear.

And now do I see the blank space above,

The space is but a grand universe.