Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus – A Review

Let me start my review with Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Full name of the book is Frankenstein, the Modern Prometheus.The subtitle is indeed interesting and appropriate as the story unfolds.The book that Shelly wrote when she was just 19. The result of the competition that Lord Byron hosted, that was to write the best  ghost StoriesContinue reading “Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus – A Review”

Silence and Mind

And then there is a life so silent as our nights. A calmness that can be felt only at night, a peace to harness for the next day. But sometimes the night, an important part to survive via sleep and dreams becomes heavy. In a clinical term, referred as insomnia…we become lost in the darkContinue reading “Silence and Mind”

Be Aware

“Beware of Dogs” No, I am not afraid of them Nor with the barking dogs In the street I am afraid More terrified For the flowers Blooming in every house Flowers still inside that Pristine bud So today I throw out the board Hanging outside my house  Where it’s written “Beware of Dogs”… Instead IContinue reading “Be Aware”


(​Change is constant, change is progress, change is revolution, change is evolution….Change is children forgetting to play in the gardens or even playgrounds.Change is, a mother forgetting to worry how dirty and messed up her child would be after play….change is so vast that I can hardly trap and concise them into my words. StillContinue reading “Change”

writings on the wall

Pursue“> Pursue A warm hug 🙆and Namastey🙏 to all my WordPress family( the blogs I follow,the blogs who follows me and the future blogs I will be following and vice-versa). Lately I haven’t been able to paint the WordPress wall with my words because of my busy schedule( college, classes and my Ama being quiteContinue reading “writings on the wall”

The GrandYouth

I often take selfies with her. I click her pictures too. I record the conversations I have with her. I listen them and it makes me laugh. Sometimes it often makes me cry. I look deeply into her eyes and then “ I Rise Up In Love ” with her again and again. She looksContinue reading “The GrandYouth”