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After a long time
Teabooks and movies welcomes you all to our next episode.
Sometimes somewhere on this very earth I asked my grandma, “ Boju raat bhari sutnu sakina, malai nidrai nai lagena . Mo k garne ta ”
., MEANING Grandma I couldn’t sleep the whole night. What should I do!
0 deki 100 samma ganti gar Tara Pani bhaena bhane ulta ganti garnu 100 deki 0….
And her remedy was simple, to count the numbers if ascending order 0-100 didn’t work I was to try the descending order from 100- 0.
At times we all come across frustrations, anxieties, fear, and more than the disease that we are fighting for, and these are the viruses that many people fight each and every day of their lives but overcoming them and gaining peace, is beautiful. In fact for our body to function well, silence, peace or calmness is very much important. We learned in our class how our body functions, how it forms a system- cell, tissues, organ and organ systems…. overall, We are a part of the earth and its ecosystem
and the living planet where we all live is also a part of a system, the solar system right ??

We all know how humans are responsible for all the destruction that we have afflicted on Earth. How we have disturbed it’s Peace.
My grandma while asking me to count was actually asking me to meditate, we all are at home, right now, Perhaps nature too wanted some sort of peace, a Silence perhaps.

So joining us today is our beloved friend Dikcha, a teacher by profession and a bibliophile immersed in literature with Pablo Neruda’s Poem “Keeping Quiet”, that cannot be ignored, especially at a time when it is so much relevant.


Now we will count to twelve
and we will all keep still
for once on the face of the earth,
let’s not speak in any language;
let’s stop for a second,
and not move our arms so much.

It would be an exotic moment
without rush, without engines;
we would all be together
in a sudden strangeness.

Fishermen in the cold sea
would not harm whales
and the man gathering salt
would not look at his hurt hands.

Those who prepare green wars,
wars with gas, wars with fire,
victories with no survivors,
would put on clean clothes
and walk about with their brothers
in the shade, doing nothing.

What I want should not be confused
with total inactivity.

Life is what it is about…

If we were not so single-minded
about keeping our lives moving,
and for once could do nothing,
perhaps a huge silence
might interrupt this sadness
of never understanding ourselves
and of threatening ourselves with

Now I’ll count up to twelve
and you keep quiet and I will go.
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Nepali song Prayas

My translation of a Nepali Song – English.

Original lyrics :Nepali

© Timeandreflections

It was that time in the evening, we met
Wherein the darkness,
the smile seemed brighter
Marching forward with a new friendship in hand,
Those happiness just dissolved in an instant.

It’s not that the efforts weren’t made
It’s not that I didn’t fall in love
Pure Love too shatters and breaks
The same heart diverged two ways afterdeath.

That strength of our emotions
That deep rooted affection
living together was our biggest desire
Tied forever in each other’s arms
We took the world as our own
Those memories all Metamorphised
Into sorrows

It’s not that the efforts weren’t made
It’s not that I didn’t fall in love
Pure Love too shatters and breaks
The same heart diverged two ways,

Like the stories in history we heard,
True love’s defeat,
Maybe that was our fate- inevitable
Split-seconds of hopelessness and tears
Perhaps, †orturous for both
Maybe good friends were what
we were destined to be.


My life in Pictures

Sometimes it’s boring and clicking pictures makes life so much fun

So for me the best thing is Tea, without it I cannot live and imagine my life. Also I belong to a place filled with lushful green tea gardens of Darjeeling.

The most important part or let’s just say hobby. This is simple hobby, beside poetry and books, I love writing and creating art.

I love sunrise and sunset, I can’t just miss them, but at night I can watch the sky for like 1-2-3 hours. So the trick is just don’t curtain your windows.

I am a nature lover. I have saved the lives of 3 small little birds (thrush). So I miss them and I love bird-watching.

I have videos and pictures of birds near my windows.

This is the art I made from the picture of my great grandma.

Again my papa is like always seated on nature’s lap. So he is like planting trees, vegetables and doing apiculture. So instead of Cadbury I get to have these.

Thank you.🌺🏵️🏵️🍀🌬️🌀🌳🌀🌀🌳🌳🌬️💮🌀🌳🌀🍂💮💮💮🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲💮💮💮💮💮💮💮💮💮💮💮💮💮

Toys – then and now

So the picture you see here is not only an art or meditation of balancing stones but also a game we were fond of. Consider it as one of the toys we played. Toys in our days were real, made us active and let us exercise more, both mind and body. This little game still help us to shape and balance our lives with persistence.
We played with stones stacked up to make it fall with a ball by one team and the task of the other team was to re-balance the stones back to its previous place with the danger of receiving the ball that ousted them out from the game. And the ball too made up of crumbled paper wrapped with a polythene, tightened with a few rubber bands to give it a firm and circular shape. We even put small pebbles to make the ball more heavy. But that animosity would fall upon us with a hard hit we received on our back. Ouch! The sharp and short pain….Those hand made balls were so precious. But we as small children would lose the ball by accident under the huge stone. Clearly do we remember the pile of balls that rolled down the road like a river when that stone was cut into pieces. But by that time, we had grown up and so were our tiny toys. No more precious… Time change but change is constant. Our toys were stones, pebbles, pieces of colourful bangles that we kept in small bottles as if they were diamonds; marbles and how can I forget the green leaves tied up to form chungis that made our legs hop on each counting.
The circle of rubber pipes, the sticks and steels, the piece of wood with wheels joined on each corner steering down the winding hills winning both pleasure and wounds. Those winter afternoon with gangs of children carrying long bamboo sticks with a mission to strike the leftover oranges from the orchards, one child hitting the orange, others standing in every possible direction, below the mother terrace concentrating on the fallen fruit as if it was a cricket match, sometimes caught, sometimes missed.
We were among those children.
We lived our childhood
We merged with earth…….
Years later….
I see the children
Locked inside
The doors, windows and screen
Clean, tidy
Playing virtual reality.

© Timeandreflections.


One of my treasures from the school days. The joy of breaking 🐖 bank, carrying whatever amount we had with us, leading our way to Chowrastha till we entered Oxford…These books in school days, a variety of shows in history and discovery channel + a show in Disney channel so much inspired me to grasp the knowledge that science offered. With such a fantasy did I take up science after my madhyamik after all I had a 96 in physics.
Our school library did offer us a good deal of books and every Friday we were allowed to carry them back home. I can never forget the entire classes we had on Helen Keller with Miss Jennifer. One year earlier she had introduced us to Anne Frank. I had then bought the book, The Diary of a Young Girl; also enjoyed the documentary aired on History channel. It was during Nepali exam that we were asked to write an essay on the recent book you studied. And I had so much in my head about this book that I painted them well in my paper and Miss Namita did tell me how well I had written. My dearest moments.

And yes time has brought me to a day where I love science no less but literature the more….

The lantern

My fingers tasted the kerosene

The smell dripped inside the head, my mouth,

Silent as the evening sound knocked my ears

Whispers, voices, noises,

From houses and forests

Grandma’s wrinkles smiles

Her every breath,

Slowly vaporizes the glass

A piece of cloth, my little hands to wipe,

The evening pushed

the sun beneath the horizon

And Mumma pulled

the metal hook to fit the glass in its frame,

A match she striked on the surface

And ignited each wick,

In every room she placed

5,6,..8,9… we assisted…

Time’s smooth waves has surfaced us

To-a-day of sophistication preserved in abundance

Even the walls of our home or the air outside is chained up in wires,

Still the crinkling sound is heard

Sometimes somewhere from antiquity,

9,8…6,5 erased and left with 2 or 1

May be only one

Only one lantern old and anchored in my grandma’s room.