Tamas by Bhisham Sahni – a review

Colonialism, Freedom and Partition….
After almost 75 years of independence who can forget the horrors of Partition.
Writers like Bhisham Sahni has very well documented the partition period, a time of which he himself witnessed and who can write it better than the Indian person standing on the ground, battling the consequences that politicians and colonisers mapped for themselves.
Bhisham Sahni’s Tamas, a hindi novel (translated into English) has amalgamation of various Indian Characters as also the representatives of the British colonizers. Without any particular protagonist, the book dugs deep showing the darkness (tamas as it means in hindi language) that engulfed the entire nation and at the same time it unearths various possible reasons for the division. On one hand there is colonisers whose intention is Divide and Rule, on the other hand there are politicians lurking for power, the extremists and fundamentalists who politicised religion for their individual profit, disturbance or riots as we see is the product, blood it’s byproduct. All these affects the common people who for a long time had been living peacefully. There is fear, there is pain. Women, the worst sufferers amongst all. All these seemed useless but clear to the colonizers as when Liza enquiries why she isn’t able to differentiate between a Hindu and a Muslim through the physical appearance. She gets a clear answer from Richard, that although the people here were separated by religion, they belonged to the same racial stock:
“The first wave of migrants came from Central Asia three or four thousand year ago and the band of invaders who came two thousand years or so later both belonged to same racial stock. The former were known as Aryans and the latter Muslims. But both had the same racial roots.”

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