Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus – A Review

Let me start my review with Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Full name of the book is Frankenstein, the Modern Prometheus.
The subtitle is indeed interesting and appropriate as the story unfolds.
The book that Shelly wrote when she was just 19. The result of the competition that Lord Byron hosted, that was to write the best  ghost Stories to wile away their time. And then Shelly elaborated it into a novel, of course her husband P.B Shelly encouraged her. The story starts in an epistolary format with where we see exchange of letters between Captain Walton and his sister. Walton bridges the gap between the readers and the characters, and brings the story of Frankenstein to life, also giving it more authenticity. Walton is in a heroic and scientific pursuit to discover new passage and it is in the cold Arctic path, that he meets wounded Victor Frankenstein and gives him refuge. In the meantime we hear Victor’s story, a scientist who was passionate about science that he gave no time to his family and his beloved. At last he is successful in creating a life but unlike his expectations, the new life is hideous and monster like. So once it’s born Victor doesn’t accept his creature and abandons it. As such, the creature who wants to get included in a society faces series of rejections. There is a murder that the creature commits, though unwillingly. It’s Victor’s youngest brother. He requests his master for a partner to spend the rest of his life but Victor doesn’t yield to his wishes. Then follows the revenge and death. The world of Victor turns upside down. Shelly has created a wonderful work of art which although written in the 19th century proves to be a visionary, a cautionary tale regarding the consequences of science and technology.
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