Silence and Mind

And then there is a life so silent as our nights. A calmness that can be felt only at night, a peace to harness for the next day.
But sometimes the night, an important part to survive via sleep and dreams becomes heavy.
In a clinical term, referred as insomnia…we become lost in the dark even during the day.
Also a sign of depression in so many cases. There are so many reasons we fall into this pit. But from my personal experience I can assure those who are facing this phase, to stop being stagnant and do something. The best way is to write or get involve into any forms of art and express the submerged emotions. I know that not everyone can talk and share their problems with anyone. And also get outside into the nature. #foresttherapy #naturetherapy. It’s healing. It’s therapeutic. Not to get submerged with emotions is important. So to release pressure is important for you to float on the earth we are living. And remember earth can absorb it all.
I learned to release mountains of pressure from my grandpa and baba who are involved with nature each and every day. I can’t forget how my dad would wake me up and take me walk on the dewy wet grass….. #photography #newschoolpoetry #flowers #love #countryside #countrylife #followme #aesthetic #poetrycommunityofig. #bambooshoots #green #earth #storytelling
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Published by Timeandreflections

I am a student, a girl in her twenties, writing for herself. A mind burdened with thoughts is lightened with words. Some people speak out while others write and I belong to the second category. I write reflecting upon the time past or present. The continuous time which sometimes make us forget our age. writing while reflecting is the best thing that people in love with words can do and I wish to write about the time and reflections as perceived by me - the time and the world around me and its reflections through my eyes. Instagram @pr_timeandreflections

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