One of my treasures from the school days. The joy of breaking 🐖 bank, carrying whatever amount we had with us, leading our way to Chowrastha till we entered Oxford…These books in school days, a variety of shows in history and discovery channel + a show in Disney channel so much inspired me to grasp the knowledge that science offered. With such a fantasy did I take up science after my madhyamik after all I had a 96 in physics.
Our school library did offer us a good deal of books and every Friday we were allowed to carry them back home. I can never forget the entire classes we had on Helen Keller with Miss Jennifer. One year earlier she had introduced us to Anne Frank. I had then bought the book, The Diary of a Young Girl; also enjoyed the documentary aired on History channel. It was during Nepali exam that we were asked to write an essay on the recent book you studied. And I had so much in my head about this book that I painted them well in my paper and Miss Namita did tell me how well I had written. My dearest moments.

And yes time has brought me to a day where I love science no less but literature the more….


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