writings on the wall

A warm hug 🙆and Namastey🙏 to all my WordPress family( the blogs I follow,the blogs who follows me and the future blogs I will be following and vice-versa). Lately I haven’t been able to paint the WordPress wall with my words because of my busy schedule( college, classes and my Ama being quite unwell) . But still I have managed to write  quite a few lines before bed or while travelling by bus. So these are the pictures of my work.👇👇👇👇 Happy writing and reading.💗💗💗💗💗💗


Thank you for visiting by blog an giving a minute or two reading my simple writings😇I hope it was worth reading/ worth taking your time. Hope you all enjoyed. Check out my other posts -articles/poems. Wish you all a very happy today / tomorrow. Keep praying and do not let your smile die.

With  infinite 💗💞

P.R_ timeandreflections


3 thoughts on “writings on the wall”

  1. Thank you so much or your ‘like’ on my most recent post. I love ‘likes’ because, following them up, I sometimes find exciting new friends, just I have here. I will wander among more of your words in the future.

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    1. PS. A couple of days later I have had another little wander and came across ‘The lost generation’, posted a few days before my birthday almost a year ago. Comments on that post are closed so I hope you will forgive me for commenting here; that is such a beautiful post and I could not leave it without saying something. Lovely writing and how tenderly you touch the subject.

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      1. Thank you so much. I think it is my third post. And when I wanted to write something- The old woman’s face embedded in one corner of my memory just came and I wrote about her. Thank you so much.


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