​Gravity never pulled me down

It always lifted me up

That is why

Even when you

Plucked all my feathers

And blood oozed

I could still swim in the air.

This is not the end

They shot me with words

Disturbing my flow

I ate them

Carefully swallowing

As they corroded my throat

But I didn’t think of atom bomb

Instead alchemized

Those words

Into festoons of poems

Showering them with

Soothing songs

Just to heal their soul.


This is my first time poetry in voice. I shared the video of this poem,myself reading it and I got a good response from my friends in facebook. With a positive heart,I am sharing this with all my wordpress friends.

Click on the link below to hear me reading my poem



17 thoughts on “Grace”

  1. I love that we can hear your voice as well as reading the words. It really helped me slow and savour the meaning of each word – and the impact of that close: refusing to be corroded by hate, returning it to the perpetrator as words of love. I feel tears in my eyes at the empowerment of this possibility: to hear words of hate as the desperate act of someone in pain they may not even recognise … giving back love. ‘Festoons of poems’ and ‘I could still swim in the air’ are two lines that I found utterly unique and rich. Swimming in the air helped me connect with transcendence, and ‘festoons’ with the choice to respond joyfully and creatively to malice … Thank you and I’m so glad you took the step onto You Tube. I love that there’s content like this – inspiring love and transcendence — on those social media channels.

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