The Uninvited Guests

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Where on earth am I safe?Where? Those eyes staring at me constantly as if I am walking naked. I think their mind has become a dress scanner. Such is their looks. Girls its high time we visit a smithy and construct an Iron Woman outfit or Is this the reason why many girls choose boys’ attires. Well may be.   

We are little kids until our periods visits us.Our bodily transformation begins. Period days and  the stomach aches that lasts for hours.Your breast begins to develop and gets perky and the initial phase of course is painul. We start getting conscious and we are taught to be careful.

 While we are on this transformative phase,even the neighbourhood and the street eyes looks at us differently. Officially no more kids. Those sanitary napkins inside your mothers’ secret lockers,bras,now occupies your space.

When walking down the street. I heard for the first time the special sound,they made with their tongue.They whistled while carefully speculating our back.We now meet eve teasers and we are taught to ignore.

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While   walking down the usual path,the sound of a motorbike,two guys,one grabs my boobs and shooo the bike vanishes.The society remembers me.

I reject someone and the psychopath comes throws acid on my face,shooo the criminals vanishes. The society will never forget me.

Again this is not enough,one day they grabbed me; a hundred licentious eyes and hands their mouth salivating as they clenched my arms and feets,their claws tearing my soft clothes and flesh,one by one they raped me,inserted foreign objects inside my vagina. My body bruised and blood dripping. But shoooo the rapists vanishes. The country will never forget my name.

But does anyone remember any assualters,molesters, rapists? Their names? The place where they belong? 

Yes! I am afraid of the dark,of those nocturnal eyes and hands ,of those ghastly beasts who haunts our bodies and enjoy our pain.
Where on Earth are we safe? Very recently I received a message from an unknown person in Facebook asking me to indulge in a sex chat with him.Very instantly I had to block that person.

Even in the virtual world these dirty minds craves for sex.

A few months back. We were inside a three wheeled vehicle and an old man who was seated in front of us. He looked at us and after a while put his hand inside his pant. At first we thought may be he was uncomfortable but no he kept on reapeating that a couple of times touching his private part and putting his fingers inside his mouth. That was gross and we were about to get out from the vechile but fortunately he left .

Thousands of cyber crimes,rapes take place every single day and many cases are not even reported.

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 Sometimes it is outside your home and sometimes it is inside your home and neighbourhood. It is usually the victims who are blamed by the society. Her dress was short, she was alone, she walked during night,she had a bad character, she had many past relationships,may be she was a call girl,she was friendly and open with guys and so on.

 Thousands fingers pointing towards the victim and the voice crying for help is just silenced. But the fault lies not in the girls or in her dress or in her character but in those shameless eyes that are naked and distorted ,that lacks good food and nutrition. Thereby effecting the entire mind making their body abnormal. If we are proud to be the the citizens of a land that is rich with temples and cultures we have much more reason to be ashamed of because thousand minds are getting distorted in a peculiar way thus defaming the whole nation and the human civilisation.

These uninvited guests are present in every street corners and the very recent Bengaluru Molestation incident baffled the whole country. How long! How long! Will the girls have  to live their life in fears? How long will they have to stay indoors? How long?

Our country India is blessed with rich cultures, the land of Gods and Goddesses. In every house we have these miniature Goddesses- Parvati,Laxmi,Saraswati,Durga,Kali and so many that we can hardly remember each names and every year we celebrate the festivals, Kali Puja, Saraswati Puja (prayers offering to these special Goddesses or Mothers/Ma).

The picture below which I received in  Whatsapp perfectly describes the present scenario.

We all have these questions. Are they people like you and us? Are they human?Are they really men of flesh and blood?

Were they born from a mother’s womb? Those boobs that they sexualise now. Were they not fed by their mothers’ breast? Were they not inside their mothers womb for nine months and were they not born out from a labour pain? Didn’t they cry for the first time as their heads came out of theirs mothers’ vagina,covered in her blood while that umbelical cord still connecting them? I doubt those people were never breast feeded by their mothers. They were never connected to Mothers’ because that female body is the first known part to every men and women when they first step into an alien world.And the same body they now sexualise and disrespect.

Yes,it is true that thinking separates us from the wild animal kingdom but this intelligence is of no use to those retarted evil minds. Its such a shame that even animals such as them do not exist. There is no such thing as Rape! in their world. Better is an animal than a human.

We have used our intelligence to such an extent that we are the most cultivated advanced being who are ruling the earth and the space. But when these uninvited guests disturbs the peace and purity of an individual,we are in the nadir and not in the zenith of our civilisation.Infinite

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  1. I like the fact that you chose this topic though these incidents you quoted were not yours. Fact is that every woman faces molestation in one form of the others. We should be either molesting or priming our male kids very strictly to make it even. Let me tell you psyche of an Indian boy or men
    There was this neighbor of mine, a family friend 13 years old or so. He didn’t have any sisters.
    Once hepatitis eradication process was on, and there was hepatitis b injection camp in a nearby temple. He came to my brother very excited that girls have come in without sleeves for injections and he touched the shoulder of one with his and my brother and him should go and get injected
    Poor guy was ready to get injected for being touched
    Same guy, there was a girls hostel behind his home. Once my brother went to meet him. He was on roof throwing his chappals in air and clapping with his slippers. When my brother enquired what for, he replied there are women on roof of hostel and they laugh and look when he does it.
    I actually pity the guy, he must be 34 and married by now so thankfully happier
    These were the milder and funnier stories I have faced many others like many other girls. But let’s keep it funny.

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    1. You describe a situation where the boys had no social contact with girls.This is a number one problem that creates very often unhealthy mindsets and appetites. When the boys go to school with little girls they are used to their presence it’s natural. When they are teenagers and still in mixed school they don’t (usually) become obsessed and they don’t want to hurt the women, because it is normal to be around. Another example is in the army. Because the men are only with men, aggression is generated and when they see women can be terrible. Those going back to wives are usually ok, have the tendency to be horrible. They need to adjust, into normal life were women are but don’t know how to be normal. All these things, need to change. All around the world 🙂

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      1. @maria the guy referred to here studied in a coeducational institute. Had cousin sisters visiting very often. I used to play with him, my brother and his brothers. Till he declared we don’t play with girls. The mindset is the culprit along with a male dominated society.
        As of army, I am a BSF ward. My dad retired as an officer from a paramilitary force that guards the border areas. They all respect women and their women run the whole household while they are out there protecting the borders. Be it office, kids, procurement of groceries, paying bills everything possible while being committed to their husbands and nation.
        The kids raised in such a hard working environment have the competence to do everything.


      2. What I meant to say, is that when men spent a lot of time together without the presence of women, (and the other way around) when they go back to normal, if they don’t have their families to go back to and a partner, they can be affected and behave crazed towards women.

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  2. Men and women alike are victims and predators. Thank you for your boldness in continuing the education and awareness of sexual assault and harassment. It’s difficult if not impossible for some to understand unless and until it has touched them personally after which you are never the same. God bless you!

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