The Unknown

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Do you believe in God?Do you believe in Spirits and ghosts?
Have you encountered any supernatural occurrences in your life?
I personally believe that many of us have experienced many such incidents,the so called supernatural encounters which is outside the realm of our existence,something beyond our knowledge and something beyond just simple answers. I know many of us believe in such incidents and stories and the rest simply deny it. But we love to watch horror movies right? How many of you have watched movies like The Conjuring, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Amityville etc.,all bases upon the real life stories and incidents. Many of us believe in the world beyond our existence which when collides with the fleshly world might take away that little peace from people who accidentally step on them. There are people who have had such extreme experiences that makes a great impact in their life. It is like an earthquake visiting a particular place and disturbing the peaceful environment leaving a void,a crater within the lives pf those associated with these unnatural entities.
After giving such a slice introduction about the paranormal activity. You must be well aware that I am about to take you with me into a world which might give you goosebumps. Yes I am going to narrate the particular incident that occurred in the 1980s in the life of my dearest uncle. I do not insist you to believe in my story. You can read and enjoy it as a horror story only if you wish. The choice is yours.

It  was 1980s. Bhanu Bhavan, a theatre in Chowrastha used to stage dramatic plays then and the tradition  continues.This art theatre still exist in our hills as our heritage. My uncle was still a bachelor then. Those were the times when time wasn’t so technologically advanced like now. No mobile phones, no television sets, nothing and theatre was perhaps the  greatest source of entertainment to the people. It was fully dark outside when the end of the drama approached.Time was then different,the streets were not so lit up like it is now.

My uncle and his friend made their way back home. While engaging themselves in a casual talk,they had crossed Chowrasthta and now headed towards their home in Toongsung. Few minutes after they came across that familiar public washroom and stopped there because both friends had to use it. After his friend was done he went inside. He did not use the first or the second toilet but went straight to the third one. The third one had a square size ventilator that was much bigger than the first two. But as he began urinating, he saw two strange eyes peeping right from that ventilator. Till then he was done. At first he was not scared at all. And he presumed it to be some kind of animal and it looked more like a cow’s eyes, big with long eye lashes. And that thing whatever it was,grabbed his attention. He too looked very carefully  and what scared him was the colour. He could suddenly feel his back swelling as the eyes looked red with lines of veins that was starkly visible and It was staring at him without even blinking once .He then felt that that whatever it was,it was’nt good at all . So he hurried and met his friend outside and went straight home without even uttering a single word. That thing had scared him to death.

Yes! This is one the many real horrific incidents of my uncle’s life and we still get those goosebumps when he starts narrating this whole incident,which now has become a kind of ghost-story for us and to the generation after us.

Time has passed and by God’s mercy nothing happened to our uncle. But it was only a year after that incident that  a nearby neighbour got possessed by some evil spirit.His name was Nikunj. No priest could help him. People had tied him in his bed so that he could not harm anybody and when someone went nearby with anything related to God,he would scream loudly. After a day or two,people there called Lamas who could help him get rid of that supernatural entity that living like a  parasite inside his body. It was such a relief to everyone there because the Lamas had become successful in helping Nikunj and his family.

What actually had happened to him? Everyone including My uncle were eager to know. After much interrogation,they came to know that one particular evening Nikunj had used the same public toilet that my uncle had used and like him he too had skipped the first two rooms and used the third one with a big ventilator. But it was after he was done that he encounterd the same strange being that our uncle had encountered before. He told the Lamas that what he saw was a man with animal eyes that was exactly like the eyes of a cow and he could not forget that he was completely bald and had horns on his head.

Thank God,our uncle had survived the worst nightmares that could have been his. He thanked God and still thanks that he was saved. But that thing had caught another person. Though,he survived after the Exorcism,he could not survive long and within a month he became dear to God.


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  1. One day perhaps Father could lead me to record the many such experiences in my journey in His Presence. He has protected me. Behold! The power of love from on high. It never fails! It always avails!
    Reality: Half of the inhabitants in this world are children of the devil. The other half? That’s us! No fear. No worries. The Father/Creator is in total control of both. 🙂

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