Living Life

Life is beautiful when you feel that freedom within you.When you feel that your wings still works, that you can still Fly .No matter how big the storm or how painful that flight
You still keep on fighting Believing in that inner you.Because that external you is only a quarter of an Iceberg.
Few know who you really are,that submerged massive ice underneath or may be only you know yourself better than anyone else.
So you keep running,panting,and still running
Chasing that something.
That little happiness you receive in pockets
You keep on walking,resting sometimes.
And you slowly start to fly
And keep that flight…Time passes and people near you gets erased, like how we draw one picture and rub and then draw again.Perhaps the Big Painter
Must be having great ideas with his creative works.One after another.So it’s better not to fear death.After all, we are creations,
Of that Great Creator who rubs that picture only to place it in a better world.Death might be that final end but still we do not run short of that fuel within us that help us fly higher and higher.Because we know our wings,though invisible, is not made up of wax like Icarus’.So not even that fierce sunlight can ever melt us.


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