Meeting in Moments

It was time for the sun to rest, throughout the day it had travelled so much. Being so tired,it made its bed below the horizon and  slowly closed its eyes.
It was time for the moon and the stars to share the space. The party was about to begin,their light flirting with the fair clouds.
It was about 5pm and we were waiting for uncle’s vehicle to arrive;shutters were closed, few cars on the road; few people taking evening walk,talking and walking while exchanging glances with us.
I looked around,the opposite hills looked gorgeous in the evening air but I could not enjoy the whole panorama. I watched them from the space between the two adjacent buildings- nature between the concretes.
And then my eyes turned towards an old man, not so tall,wearing a wollen cap,a black sweater and a grey trousers. What was he doing? He was giving small balls of dough to the pegions outside his house. And quite a number of pegions were enjoying  the free food party. When in our busy schedule, one doesn’t have time for another,where family cannot dine together,where care is restriced only for oneself.Here was the man, a father to the numerous pegions outside and all these caught my sight. I watched him carefully and he was calling the birds asking them to come and have its share. I looked at him and smiled,till then the crows had come,sitting upon the wires they were cawing constantly as if they too wanted the free food. And the old man said,“these crows come here daily because I give them food”.
Then I asked him for how long he had been doing this charity and he replied,“Its been more than ten years. I dough 2kgs of flour everyday for my fellow guests. At least three times a day,morning,afternoon and evening.” My dad then told him that its really appreciating.Happy to receive the appreciation he said,“these poor crows. You know they travel and come here covering a very huge distance. And when I throw these bits of dough, they catch them like a trained animal. They are expert,kind of.” I saw few crows now were mingling with the pegions taking its fair share. But we did not see the crows catching the dough balls thrown in the air. Then the old man said,“You know, when I am late to offer them food,these birds come and pecks my feet.” We were amazed and then two men walking from his neighborhood stopped and shouted,“ Ah! You and your bluff,you never get bored ha-ha. Today new people and your same old bluffing ;extracting new entertainment and fun.Do not believe his words.He makes new people fool.” And they broke out with hilarious laughter which made me giggle a bit. And then our time there was over,our vehicle arrived. I saw the old man’s face-quite and expressionless. We bade him goodbye and my Dad told him,“Not everyone has time to do what you are doing.Keep up your good work. You’re doing a great Dharma”. Hearing this his eyes shone. I watched him from the car as it started. He continued his work and threw a small chunk of dough in the air and I was surprised to see a crow catching the ball.Indeed,he had found his happiness in these little creatures.
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