Dear Teacher

You are a Magic,
A Magic within you.
‘Pixie dust’ is what you provide,
An elixir of life.
You the Sun,We the consumers,
Your energy will stay with us forever
If not full, half or even a quarter,
Of it would do, to shape us.
You are  that beautiful beam of light
To all those who are marooned
A constant guide,
Who helps create thousand boats,
An oar to support and sail,
A voyage discovering new world,new shores.
Even when faced by a fierce vortex,
Your image within is a symbol,
Your words,“Never lose hope”
Is always a powerful ‘mantra’.
You nourished us all,
From a larvae to a pupa to a butterfly,
Out of its cocoon, finally ready to fly.
Your careful formulae and ingredients,
meticulously alchemized every individual,
Until they realised they were Prisms,
Capable of yielding brilliant spectrum.
You made every flower bloom and
Didn’t forget to add that unique fragrance,
For you each was special and different.
Not in a million ages can we pay back.
I see you sit next to God in an alter,
So simply saying,“Thankyou” is not enough.
Dear Teacher, you are
A treasure so incredible,
The greatest gift of all.

Happy Teachers’ Day India.
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