Darjeeling has no Dirty streets

Fashionable modern men and women ,
Do you know how to use a dustbin or a dustpan?
Outdated! Is it? So Vacuum cleaner is at your hand?
They decorated the streets with
Plastics ,papers and wrappers
And themselves with ‘Brands’.
Don’t forget a Bislery  in their hand is,
ready to intrude the Virgin land.
The place itself is so serene so beautiful,
Showers of fresh air  to live and survive.
But there they are with their wicked smile
Molesting her with red splashes of ‛Pan
Proudly puffing; burning her with ‛baby buds’.
Almost a Rape,this crime is visibly invisible.
Accumulating from few to heaps,
Garbage here, there and everywhere,
Imagine pimples sprouting all over your skin?
What can our streets of Darjeeling do?
No one can help her rescue,
When such a Cancer is silently killing her.
Sometimes I hear her loud screams,
Her angry agitated Thunders,
Bulk of selfish people,she wants to get rid off
What I understood was that
She no longer wanted to be disturbed.
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