My voice, the sanctuary of thoughts. (Diary I)

1.What am i doing right now? I am beside my grand ma in her bed, pretending to be asleep. But no, I am pouring down my thoughts. A long journey of nearly seven to eight hours, from bus- auto-rickshaw – cab; the continuous rain, the slippery road, and the extra mile to walk to reach our home, the home which nourished me, gave me every sweet-bitter memories. After nearly 2 or 3 months I am inside my home, out of the yellow room…

The gurgling, gushing river and a few insects are the only silence breaker of this quiet night. Today I am a little closer to sadness and a bit far from happiness. So many things happeing around me… My Ama had accompanied me the whole month and now we were returning back home. I was not so happy to leave the place and come back even for a week because I would have to return back after spending a few time with my dear family and  then again I would have to go back and be nostalgic.
Life teaches us so many things

Day 2.
The hurrying rain is splattering in our roof and veranda. This is the fact that I love about Monsoon. Its sound, sometimes of the large raindrops thudding the roof, the  thunder, the lighting and the thick mass of clouds and fog that makes us miss our dear Sun.
Sharp 11pm. I am beside my boju who is already in her dreams and I am here typing my thoughts. Just a few minutes back, it was the Cow who disturbed us all because the calf was outside its shed. Its knot loosened up , so it was me and my dad who went up to the shed and put the calf inside. The continuous rain made the mud so soft and swampy. One can imagine how our happy feets might have looked. Baba tied the rope round its neck a bit, pissed off because he was so fully asleep and snoring.
My boju was so happy and relieved. At last she could now sleep in peace…


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